Magento Redesign for better performance - Case Study

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EPolice is a leading provider of custom badges and other products to fire fighters, police officers and other first responders. With over 20 years of experience, they are committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service to their clients. EPolice has a strong presence in SEO and ranks in the top positions for "custom police badges" on Google search results. This has helped them establish their brand as a leader in their space.

Challenges of EPolice's old website:

Despite the leading position, the EPolice management team is always looking for improvements to consolidate their position. Together with Ancor’d they identified a steep increase in mobile visits and a much lower conversion of Mobile vs Desktop.

The lighthouse scoring highlighted this:

  • mobile had a performance scoring of 33
  • Desktop had a performance scoring of 58

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Project Goals

EPolice tasked our team with revamping their website to enhance the user experience for mobile and desktop visitors while preserving their current SEO performance. The primary objective is to drive online sales by delivering a faster, more intuitive, and engaging website.


To achieve EPolice's goals, our team chosed Hyva, a high-performing Magento theme. We designed the website to be mobile-responsive and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless user experience. Our team conducted a technical SEO audit, identified the key opportunities for improvement, and implemented the necessary changes to ensure that EPolice's current SEO performance was maintained or improved. Furthermore, we focused on optimizing the website's performance using Hyva's lightweight and fast design to enhance user experience and drive sales on both desktop and mobile devices.


The outcome was impressive, with the website achieving a Desktop Lighthouse score of 99, up from below 60 and a Mobile scoring of 94, up from 33!

The new design provided a better user experience, and the website's improved performance helped maintain EPolice's SEO performance. Our team's expertise in Magento, UX/UI design, and Hyva proved to be valuable in achieving EPolice's goals, and optimizing website performance are playing a crucial role in driving business growth.

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About Hyva

Hyva is a high-performing Magento theme designed to provide businesses with fast and responsive websites that deliver exceptional user experiences. Hyva's lightweight and optimized design significantly reduces website loading times, resulting in better website performance, improved SEO rankings, and increased customer satisfaction. Hyva is also flexible and customizable, providing businesses with the freedom to create unique and personalized user experiences that align with their brand.

Hyva's features include:

  • Improved Page Load Times: Hyva's design ensures fast loading times. Learn more: here
  • Better SEO Performance: Hyva's design contributes to improved SEO performance.
  • Mobile-First Design: Hyva is designed with mobile devices in mind. Explore here
  • Customizable and Flexible: Hyva's flexible design allows businesses to create unique user experiences.
  • Integrations: Hyva integrates with popular third-party tools, including Google Analytics Facebook Pixel.

Check out here for more and feel free to contact us to learn more about the Hyva theme, as we are their official suppliers for Belgium: