Avoiding the big leap by keeping Magento up-to-date

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Every month we come across several merchants whose stores are running an old Magento version. Many of them will stop receiving security fixes in only a few more months! As a merchant, upgrading your store is imperative for the security of your business and, more importantly, your customer’s. As an example, Sansec, specialist in eCommerce malware detection, shows in this article how hackers exploited Magento 2.2 vulnerabilities during Black Friday.

We like to compare upgrading Magento to jumping across an imaginary gap in the floor that gets bigger over time: when it’s small you can hop right over it. But if you wait too long, you might need some special equipment and skills to make the jump (like the snowboarder in this blog's hero image). Ultimately: the more you wait, the harder – and more expensive – it becomes to clear the gap.

Every release Magento publishes is guaranteed supported for at least 12 months, and security fixes for 18 months. This means that in most cases you'll find yourself upgrading Magento at least every 18 months, but we strongly advise doing it at least twice a year instead. Additionally, in the case a severe security issue or bug is found within that time-window, you should patch as soon as possible.

Is your shop not running on the latest Magento version yet? We would love you to meet one of our Magento experts on a free 15-min call so we can help you get clarity and feel confident about the process of upgrading your Magento store. We make sure our clients are able to upgrade their stores with no interruptions to their online activity, even during periods of very high traffic.

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